••••• READ ME! How to play, FAQs, etc.

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••••• READ ME! How to play, FAQs, etc.

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:54 pm

Q. What's this forum?
A. Fairy Tail Quizzes is a game where you'll need to conpete with other members by collecting Phoenix Fragments.

Q. What are Phoenix Fragments?
A. Phoenix Fragments are the virtual currency of the game. There are 1000 fragments in total, divided into members.

Q. How can I earn/get Pfragments?
A. You can do this in two ways:
1. Answering quizzes of other members. If you got it right, you'll receive the fragments set by the asker, and the asker will lose the same amount.
2. Post quizzes. You can post quizzes/questions and if other members got it wrong, you'll steal half of the Pfragments you set from the member who answered the question wrong.

Q. What are quizzes?
A. Quizzes are questions posted by other members. Each topic can only contain 1 question/challenge. The default format is shown below:

--- format ---

( intro )
( question )
( pfragments amount )
( optional notes )

--- example question ---

Hey guys, try to answering this :p

Question: Who is the 4th in the 10 wizard saints?

Pfragments: 5

Goodluck Wink

Q. Any tips?
A. The goal of this game is to collect all 1000 Pfragments. Think of a very hard question about FT so there's a higher chance that others will got it wrong. Be careful on answering others' questions because you will lose Pfragments if you got it wrong.


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